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  ◆ R&D Team and Instrument

R & D team con of a group of pharmaceutical experts from US big pharmaceutical companies in 2009, Some of them worked in the laboratory of Nobel laureates and Pfizer, senior scientist at Merck pharmaceutical companies, dedicated in providing high-quality R&D services to our customers.

QC laboratory matches with millions of dollars of Technical instruments. Such as HPLC-MS, LC-MS-MS and GC-MS,SFC, NMR (400MHz,500MHz), Semi-prep and Prep-HPLC, Mass-triggered prep-HPLC etc. Formed chiral-synthesis platform, polypeptide platform & enzymatic platform, engaging in the pharmaceutical discover and development.MORE


  ◆ Manufacture

Factory of 20,000 square feet of locate in Zhenjiang, built under CGMP. Depend on facilities of factory, we can support customers first-stop fully services .From laboratory synthesis to pilot scale and then to the commercial production, the products of fine chemical or pharmaceutical intermediates. The equipments of 50L to 3000L depend on the requirements of the reactions, chemical reactions can be completed quickly from the test to various industrial scales, such as hydrogenation reaction, anhydrous anaerobic reaction, Reaction temperature is from -40 ℃ to 250 ℃.

The factory is equipped with professional management team. CGMP quality system has set up. The factory strictly controls the purchase process of raw material, quality control process is in accordance with the GMP standard. MORE

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